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      Technology is the source of enterprise development.  Adhering to the principle of "innovation endless, practice makes perfect", we continuously increase investments in the technical force and improve the level of research and development of design.  Besides, we have built a professional testing platform in order to provide a functional environment for new product developing, performance testing and improving of product's reliability.
            Our leading products have two series, Single stage double suction split casing pump and Vertical long shaft pump.  Combination of 2D and 3D graphing for design tools, and CAD, SolidWorks, pro/e and CFturboo fo design software, PumpLinx and ansys for analyzing tools.  Our design idea has two directions. One is to analyze imported moulds with CFD technology in order to improve hydraulic performance and operational efficiency.  Another is to design new products together with related universities and institutions, and analyze newly designed moulds with CFD technology, produce sample pump after optimize the design, and carry out performance tested, final produce ordered pump after finalize the design.

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